Sunday, February 17, 2008

Donna's Theories

Zoie and Jack--"Played Out"

Musings for the Illustration Friday topic "Theory":

Gravity--Gravity gets stronger as the day gets longer.

Matter--Kid’s stuff and cat toys multiply when you’re not looking.

Time--Time accelerates in direct proportion to the amount of work you have to accomplish. Conversely, if you only have a little to do, it expands to fill the time available, so you still don’t get done early!
(Note: The tired kittens demonstrating this week's topic are grown now, but still full of trouble! The above is a commissioned portrait in acrylic of their "babies" for two great little girls of a friend and colleague of mine.)


Heather said...

Beautiful kitties!

Dora said...

Wow!!! this is very nice illo! i like the colors.

studio lolo said...

I'm always drawn to your color choices and the softness of your work.

Bobo Cat said...

this shows the tender side of cats, very beautiful.

Christine said...

Hmmm, this looks familiar. I have 4 cats myself.

scribblesk said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors and bird's eye view!