Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Tale of Two Bunnies

A Tale of Two Bunnies...

…Who lived in the meadow
And whose mother said,
“Stay--in the tall, safe grass.”
And she said
“Never stray into the deep, dark woods,
For the fox and the bear and the
Weasel run fast!”

But the stream whispered softly
And the sun was bright
And they said “A little farther,
Just a little round the bend
Just to see what we can see
And we’ll be back by night!”…


Danarella said...


GumballGrenade said...

Such a soft romantic feel. Wonderful!

studio lolo said...

Ooooh, I've not seen your work before. It's lovely and magical! Your love of animals comes through.
I'm a retired vet tech who now does house calls as a visiting pet nurse. I just couldn't stay away!

Fourborne said...

This is lovely.

Fossfor said...

this is very good,I also like the paintings on your website, especially the 'tiger in motion' which is gorgeous

platitudinal said...

Your illustration is lovely and it has a sweet charming quality. Beautifully done :)

scribblesk said...

Extraordinary, love the softly elegant look!